Тhese Terms of use meet the requirements of Bulgarian law. In the event of difference between the English and Bulgarian version of the text, the Bulgarian version has priority.

General Conditions

1. “stromberg-ops.com” is an e-commerce website for the sale and delivery of vouchers, on behalf of Otherland Ltd., for participation in an urban game with specifications as described on the website.

2. The publication of this site represents a public call for a commercial purchase of online vouchers for participation in the urban game “Operation Stromberg”.

3. Otherland Ltd through “stromberg-ops.com” has the right to change the prices of the vouchers offered at its own discretion without prior notice. The user is required to pay the price that was valid at the time of the purchase request.

4. The Customer Agreement is deemed to have been concluded after acceptance by Otherland Ltd. via “stromberg-ops.com” of the Purchase Request, correctly filled in by the Customer in the order process.

5. Otherland Ltd through “stromberg-ops.com” undertakes upon receipt of a request from the Client to deliver the desired product or to inform the Client about other circumstances regarding his / her application.

6. Otherland Ltd is not responsible if the Customer has provided any incorrect and/or incomplete data in the order made. In the case of an incorrect address, contact person name and/or phone number specified when submitting the application, Otherland Ltd is not bound by any obligation to complete the order.

7. Adding a product to your shopping cart does not book the product and it is possible that this product is exhausted until the order is finished. Only the order confirmation message guarantees participation in the game at the selected day and time.

8. All prices specified on the website are final and are in Bulgarian leva (BGN).

9. Using the stromberg-ops.com site and registering an order through it is considered to be an agreement with these terms of use.

10. “Otherland” Ltd reserves the right to change these terms at any time, without prior notice, the modified terms being published on the site.

Rights and obligations of the parties

11. Otherland Ltd is obligated to:

– confirm the possibility of issuing a voucher for participation in the game at the chosen day and hour or to cancel the order within 3 working days;

– deliver the voucher requested for purchase within the time limit specified in the delivery and payment information;

12. The Client is obligated to:

– specify a name, surname, correct and operating telephone number, delivery address and e-mail address;

– pay the voucher price according to the conditions described in the delivery and payment information

– to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.

Voucher Delivery

13. The purchased voucher is sent to the delivery address specified by the Customer within the time limit specified in the delivery and payment information.

14. Upon delivery of the voucher, the Customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. A third party is considered to be any person who is not the applicant but receives the voucher and is found at the address specified by the customer.

15. In the event that the Customer is not found within the deadline for delivery at the specified address or no access and conditions for delivery of the voucher within this period are granted, Otherland Ltd is relieved of its obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase. The customer can confirm his willingness to receive the goods after the expiry of the delivery period in which he/she has not been found at the address, assuming all delivery costs. In this case, a new delivery period begins from the moment of confirmation.

16. The Customer has the right to refuse to receive the voucher requested for a purchase when it is delivered to him / her under one of the following conditions:

– the voucher delivered does not appear to match the requested order

– the price that the Customer has to pay does not correspond to the price due.

Return of a purchased voucher

17. The Customer has the right, within a period of not more than 14 working days from receipt of the delivery, without due compensation or penalty, and without giving any reason, to return some or all of the received items by sending the vouchers to the following address: 17A Trakia Str., Plovdiv, with courier expenses paid at his/her expense. In this case, he/she must also indicate a bank account on which to reimburse the amount he/she has paid.

18. Return is subject to the following conditions:

– the request for return is filed in writing at the designated by Otherland Ltd. electronic email address – otherland@gmail.com, within no more than 14 business days from the date of receipt of the order. The application must contain the customer’s personal bank account, on which the amount paid by the client will be refunded;

– the voucher is accompanied by the original documents issued by Otherland Ltd. – invoice, cash receipt;

19. Otherland Ltd refunds the paid amount to the customer within 14 days of the date on which the customer exercised his right to return the voucher.

20. Otherland Ltd reserves the right not to refund the amount paid by the customer in case of violation of one or more conditions for return of the voucher.

21. When reimbursing cash-back amounts, it is necessary to establish the identity between the person who ordered the voucher and the person returning the voucher, no matter who received it. The person who ordered the voucher, respectively the person who returns it, will receive back the money he/she has paid. If the person who ordered the voucher is a child, the money is returned to the child’s account or to his/her legal representative – a parent or guardian. For this purpose, it is necessary to submit a Birth Certificate or a Decision to appoint a guardian.

Personal data

22. Otherland Ltd takes due care to protect the available Customer data that has become known to Otherland Ltd. when filling in the electronic form for making an application for web site registration and purchase. This obligation is waived if the Customer has provided untrue data.

23. Subject to applicable law and clauses of these Terms of use, Otherland Ltd may use the personal data of the Customer solely for the purposes of the contract.

24. Other Land Ltd through “stromberg-ops.com” is entitled to use the information for offering goods and / or services to the Customer, for promotions, sending of advertising messages, congratulations, organizing lotteries, inquiries, for statistical and any other purposes, in accordance with Bulgarian law, applicable international acts, Internet ethics, morality and good morals, except in the event of express disagreement of the same, sent to the following e-mail address: otherland@gmail.com.

25. Other Land Ltd undertakes not to disclose any personal data about the Client to third parties – state bodies, commercial companies, individuals and others, except in the following cases:

– has received the express written consent of the Client;

– the information is requested by state authorities or officials who, according to the current legislation, are authorized to request and collect such information and / or Otherland Ltd. is obliged to provide the information under the law.

 Other Land Ltd through “stromberg-ops.com” shall not be liable for non-performance of its obligations under this contract in the event of circumstances that Otherland Ltd has not foreseen and was not required to foresee – including, but not limited to, of force majeure, accidental events, problems in the global Internet network and in the provision of services beyond the control of Other Land Ltd.


27. Any disputes between the parties which cannot be resolved by mutual consent, including disputes arising out of or relating to the interpretation of the contract, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning the filling of gaps in the contract or its adaptation to newly emerging circumstances, will be cleared through the mediation of the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP) and, if this is not possible, by the competent court of registration of Otherland Ltd in accordance with Bulgarian law.

Cookies and Internet Marketing

28. The web site “stromberg-ops.com” uses cookies to improve customer service and track their needs and preferences.