Q: Where does the game take place?

A: The game takes place in Sofia. You can purchase a ticket from any other place, but you need to be in Sofia on the day of the game to participate in it.

Q: How long does it take?

A: It takes about one afternoon – maximum 4 hours. The exact time it will take depends on you and your team. There is, however, a deadline – 4 hours – after which the bomb is going to “blow up” if you have not defuse it.

Q: Will you be tracking our time?

A: NO! In this game we do not track the time and we do not make team charts. For us it is very important that the participants in this game immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the adventure and get into their roles. This is very hard to achieve while struggling to get there first. The final deadline is set in a way that makes it possible to achieve your goal while playing at a normal speed in a non-stressful game. Relax and enjoy the experience of being a secret agent!

Q: How do we move around?

A: You could walk it all, but some of the routes basically require using the public transport. The locations you need to visit during the game match the public transport lines and you won’t have to go to a place that is hard to get to. Buying a one day ticket pass is recommendable.

Q: But could we still drive?

A: No! We want our players to go out, to blend in with the crowd, to contribute for a cleaner air and to avoid worrying about where to park. We want you to play a secret agent, not a taxi driver!

Q: How do we get our tasks?

A: You will receive most of your tasks at the start of the game. Thus you will be able to plan and select the most suitable route.

Q: How do we communicate with the organizers?

A: There is a possibility for direct chat in case you need help or have questions.