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About urban games

An urban game is an outdoor adventure, which involves:

  • Solving puzzles and riddles with your teammates.
  • Roleplaying interactions with in-game characters.
  • Exploring the city – on foot or riding public transport.

Collect a team of 2 to 5 people and spend a wonderful and meaningful afternoon outdoors having a lot of fun!

What does Operation Strömberg have to offer?

The game takes place in Sofia and offers:

  • A consistent and exciting story developed by experienced game scenario writers.
  • Immersion in an atmosphere that makes you feel as the protagonist of the story.
  • Realistic communication with characters from the game setting.
  • Our game design gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the plot and to comfortably plan your steps – you get all the tasks from the beginning, instead of getting your tasks one by one, depending on the completion of your previous tasks
  • Personal experience – you compete with the game, not with the other teams.

Our augmented reality is in your minds, not in your phones!

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In Operation Strömberg you take the role of a character who has to go to different places in order to complete their task. In this urban game you and your team are agents who must defuse a bomb set by Sebastian Strömberg – the leader of the terrorist group New Beginning. The game takes place in Sofia and requires you to visit several locations, solve a few puzzles and interact with characters from the setting, played by our actors. Using a car is not allowed. Price: BGN 130 The price is for one playthrough for one team of 2-5 members Available dates for autumn, 2019: 20.10